Simulation of robust transducers by design

The  OOFELIE::Multiphysics Solver is a 3D strongly coupled multiphysics Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solution used to model, simulate, analyze, and optimize various types of systems before starting the time consuming and costly build-and-test cycles.

By design, OOFELIE::Multiphysics manages several physics and their couplings. Its robust and efficient simulation methodologies are based on a combination of discretization technics (FEM, BEM, …) when appropriate.

Broad application coverage

The OOFELIE::Multiphysics Solvers contains several physics and couplings between them. This gives you the opportunity to analyze your design from different points of view with the same engineering software tool.

  • Capacitive effect – Electrostatics coupled to mechanics
    • Accelerometers
    • Gyrometers
    • Optical MEMS (static actuation)
    • RF switches
  • Piezoresistivity (change of resistivity with mechanical stresses)
    • Pressure sensors
    • Strain gauge
  • Thermomechanical effect  – Temperature coupled to mechanics
    • Temperature sensors
    • Thermo-couple
    • IR-sensors (micro-bolometer)
    • Vibrating sensors
  • Vibro-acoustics  – acoustic pressure coupled with mechanics
    • micro-loudspeakers
    • micro-microphones
    • Sonar
  • Piezoelectric effect
    • Accelerometers
    • Gyrometers
    • Optical MEMS (resonant actuation)
    • SAW – Surface acoustic wave
    • BAW – Bulk acoustics wave
    • Energy harvester (from mechanical vibration)
    • Sonar
  • Magnetic effect (coupled with mechanics)
    • Magnetic actuators
  • Semiconductor effect – Thomson, Seebeck & Peltier
    • Thermoelectric  generator (harvester based on temperature gradient)
    • Peltier cooler
  • FSI
    • Thermal management (conjugated heat transfer)
    • Flow sensor

An automated multiphysics FEA solution

The automated exploration of the design space allows to identify the appropriate design by using:

  • Parametric studies and Design of Experiments
  • Optimization strategies

OOFELIE::Multiphysics link to Simcenter 3D

Connected to the Siemens MEMS design flow

The OOFELIE::Multiphysics Suite is tightly linked with SoftMEMS‘s MEMS Pro® for connection to the Tanner MEMS design flow:
  • Model importation using MEMSPro® from SoftMEMS
  • Model exportation to EDA solver using Verilog-A or VHDL-AMS exchange

The OOFELIE::Multiphysics Solver is operated from Simcenter 3D, the simulation environment of SIEMENS. This integrated solution provides  strongly coupled multidisciplinary analysis of a broad range of transducers, MEMS, microsystems, and optical devices products in the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive, shipbuilding, and consumer electronics markets

Exportation of a compact model to Siemens's Tanner EDA

Interaction with the package

With the OOFELIE::Multiphysics Solver, you can predict the behavior of your transducer and the interaction with its substrate and/or its package. Doing so allows analyzing the effect of the package on the sensitive component from the early stage of its conception minimizing therefore the risk of failure.

In the system formed by the sensors, its substrate, and its package, the OOFELIE::Multiphysics Suite gives you the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the temperature distribution
  • Evaluate the mechanical and thermal stresses/deformations distribution
  • Evaluate adhesion or contact forces
  • Reproduce thermal cycling
  • Reproduce drop test


Thermoelectric Generator (TEG)

Thermoelectric Generator (TEG)

Detailed Transient Multiphysics Modelling of Thermal Energy Harvesting Device Thermoelectric generators (TEG) are devices that utilize the Seebeck effect to convert temperature gradients into electricity. In this video, a detailed three-dimensional...