Detailed Transient Multiphysics Modelling of Thermal Energy Harvesting Device

Thermoelectric generators (TEG) are devices that utilize the Seebeck effect to convert temperature gradients into electricity.

In this video, a detailed three-dimensional multiphysics model of a thermoelectric generator is presented. This model uses the finite element method to predict the transient behaviour of the device.

Energy is extracted from hot gazes at 100°C, the present simulation accounts for and couples the followng effects:

  • Flow in the fluid domain
  • Conjugated Heat Transfert between the fluid medium and the structure
  • Thermo-mechanical effect in the structure
  • Thermoelectric effect in the structure


This transient analysis gives access to:

  • The pressure, temperature and velocity distribution in the fluid
  • Temperature distribution in the structure
  • Thermomechanical deformations en stess distribution in the structure
  • Electric potential distribution in the device