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Multiphysics CAE Consulting

Engineering services

Multiphysics simulations and design optimization to save time and money in:

  • Vibro Acoustics : Loudspeaker, noise prediction, acoustic response
  • Electro Technics : Joule heating, EM devices, Piezo-Electric actuators motors
  • FSI-CFD : Convection, Cooling
  • Opto-Thermo Mechanics: Thermal, mechanical optic’s deformation
  • MEMS: Accelerometer, PiezoMicrophones, Sensors, RFMems
  • Thermo Mechanics : Package/Board Heat Management, Deformation, Stresses

Customization of software

Adaptation of OOFELIE::Multiphysics solutions to your needs

Proprietary code maintenance

Professional service in maintaining private proprietary industrial codes up to date