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Piezoelectric devices

Ring APA Actuator

The ring actuator is constituted by a metallic ring and 2 piezoelectric stacks. A potential is applied to the 2 piezoelectric stacks through the piece of metal at the centre. Due to the potential, the 2 piezoelectric stacks are contracted and induce a transversal displacement at the top of the actuator. The main goal of this type of actuator is the high precision positioning.

Vibrating Intertial Accelerometer

ONERA (Frenh Aerospace Laboratory) constructed a monolythic quartz sensor, sensitive to orthogonal acceleration. This concept efficiently decouples the vibrating beam from the outside case through a decoupling framework. OOFELIE::Multiphysics permits to maximize the vibration quality factor of the sensitive element, needed for frequency stability.

The whole device - including the sensor's package is simulated using OOFLIE::Multiphysics because of the need of strongly coupled Piezo-thermo-elastic modeling.

The resonating beam is activated through piezoelectrcity while thermo-elastic damping is critical for space (zero-gravity) and vacuum applications. At the same time thermal stresses influencing the frequency behavior need to be minimized.

For more information consult The Onera Webpage (In French)

Piezoelectric ultrasonic engine

Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors offer great advantages over conventional electromagnetic motors (such as torque to size and weight ratio, reduced noise, small and compact, etc.).

Linear engine

The linear engine is another type of piezoelectric engine. In this example, by applying an adequate harmonic voltage to the two piezoelectric stacks of the actuation system, we can obtain an elliptical movement of its upper face.