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The OOFELIE::ADX software is used to explore the design space defined by the parameters of your model in an automated way.

V1.0 of OOFELIE::ADX is mainly used to conduct:

  • Design of Experiment (DoE)
    • Parameter Sweeps
    • Quasi Random Sampling (QRS)
    • Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS)
  • Model Updating

An intuitive flow

OOFELIE::ADX presents to the user the list of parameters available in his model in the form of a table.


Through the interface, the user specifies:

  • for each parameter, the type of sampling used (with its associated data),
  • the retained results.

After this configuration stage, OOFELIE::ADX:

  • Generates the combinations of parameters,
  • Writes the simulation scripts,
  • Launches the calculations
  • Collects the retained results.

Results are stored in CSV text file for post-processing in Microsoft Excel.

Typical application

The manufacturing process has an impact on the performances on MEMS. In this simple case, we consider the variability of the thickness of the membrane.

Hereafter, histogram that presents the distribution of the central displacement for a pressure sensor when one assume a gaussian distribution for the thickness of the membrane.