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Industrial multiphysics design for optical devices


A growing number of high precision optical systems has to perform in harsh conditions. For example, the space and medical industries raise the standards for the design of optical devices that need high dimensional stability, increased accuracy and predictable performances.

That is why in these markets it is often necessary to combine real-life tests with Multiphysics CAE. But a preliminary experimental validation of the numerical solution is mandatory to ensure the very high precision level required for optical applications.

This integrated opto-thermo-mechanic design flow will enable you to speed up the development process and increase the reliability of your devices at a reduced cost.

This seminar was given by Open Engineering , AMOS and CSL on April 26th 2012

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Introduction: The importance of integrated Opto-thermo-electro-mechanic design when it comes down to reliability and accuracy

Overview of the Opto-mechanic design technology at AMOS

Experimental characterization of optical devices: Evaluation of the Opto-thermo-mechanical CAE techniques that are needed to match the experimental results

Examples of Opto-thermo-mechanic simulations and conclusions.