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Ring APA Actuator

Ring APA Actuator

The ring actuator is constituted by a metallic ring and 2 piezoelectric stacks. A potential is applied to the 2 piezoelectric stacks through the piece of metal at the centre. Due to the potential, the 2 piezoelectric stacks are contracted and induce a transversal displacement at the top of the actuator. The main goal of this type of actuator is the high precision positioning.

In this section, the static mechanical response of an actuator is presented.


It is made of a metallic external ring, a metallic central part and two piezoelectric stacks. A voltage is applied between the ring and the central part and it induces a contraction or extension in the piezoelectric stacks. A vertical movement can then be observed on the upper face of the actuator.


The generated electrical potential in the actuator (left) and the resulting displacement field (right)