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The Microsystem design flow: From Layout to Packaging


MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) conquer our daily lives. They are everywhere: in our cars, at the doctor's office as well as in the plane that takes us to our vacation. But today it lacks an effective response to the demand for reliability of the different actors. In this lecture we will show you how a complete and systematic design flow for MEMS based systems will yield higher quality MEMS based microsystems that are able to operate in harsh environments (temperature, vibration, humidity, corrosion, high voltage ...) while being more power efficient, autonomous and reliable than the classic components they are replacing.

The Seminar was given by Open Engineering, TAIPRO Engineering and SoftMEMS

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Introduction: The importance of MEMS-based microsystems for automotive, user electronics, medical and aeronautic design. Opportunities and Challenges

The MEMS design flow including an overview of the major production and design centers

MEMS packaging is crucial for system performance and reliability

Examples of Microsystem simulations and conclusions.