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Heat Actuator Model

Numerical model of heat actuator MEMS

Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques can be applied to many fields of activities.

This feature is intensively used in the microsystems (MEMS) component design procedure. Indeed, simulations at circuit level require accurate compact models of the MEMS components, also called behavioural models or reduced order models (ROM), to be generated from 3D expensive numerical model. These reduced models are written in HDL (Hardware Definition Language) and inserted, in a schematic form, is specific microelectronic simulators.

OOFELIE::Multiphysics comes with capabilities to generate reduced order model from full 3D numerical simulation and export them in VHDL-AMS or Verilog-A format for co-simulation in EDA simulators (TANNER, Synopsys, Mentor)

The following pictures compare the results of simulations obtained using a 3D model and a reduced model of a heat actuator MEMS. It can be seen that the accuracy of reduced models is fully compatible with industrial applications.

Transient response of 3D model and reduced model Illustration of reduced model accuracy

The reduced models can also be introduced in simulation of systems involving control loop in order to perform fast simulation of the whole system behaviour.

In a similar way, the introduction of reduced models in optimisation procedure can be very efficient and can reduce significantly the time of simulation required to reach convergence.