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VibroAcoustics devices

Coupled eigenmodes extraction of a water-filled tank

The coupled eigen modes of a water filled tank are extracted using OOFELIE::VibroAcoustics package. In this case, even if we are not interested in acoustic field inside the cavity, we have to take it into account since it has a strong impact on the behaviour of the global system. In this example, the mesh mapping algorithm was used since the acoustic and structural mesh are incompatible.

Acoustic radiation prediction of engine

An example of acoustic radiation problem using the mesh mapping capability is showed here. We have the structural CAD model (simplified real model, for confidentiality reasons, presented on Figure « Engine CAD model ») and an acoustic CAD model.

Plane wave diffraction by a submarine

Due to the large dimension of the system (about 40 meters long) and the quite high frequency of the incoming plane wave, the mesh to perform such kind of analysis have to be very fine (more than 50,000 nodes on the Figure on right).