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OOFELIE::Multiphysics for transducers & MEMS Design

As components are scaling down (e.g. MEMS), the OOFELIE::Multiphysics Solver truly becomes the simulator of choice for your transducer design as governing time-constants inside the components reach similar orders of magnitude.

This necessitates Strongly Coupled Simulation techniques for best accuracy and convergence of your results.

In the case of actuators, the analysis focuses mainly on the mechanical response due to an electrical loading and in the case of sensors, on the inverse phenomenon. The harmonic response of accelerometers and gyrometers enters in this class of problems.

Sensors and actuators functionality is often based on the combination of physical phenomena

  • Capacitive - Electrostatics copled to mechanics (e.g. Combs)
  • Piezoresistivity (e.g. pressure sensor)
  • Piezoelectricity (e.g. gyrometer)
  • Thermal
  • Magnetics

Piezo-resistive pressure sensor (top left), MEMS based gyrometer (top right),

APA piezoelectric based actuator (bottom left), MEMS based flow sensor (bottom right)

Piezoelectric Design

OOFELIE::Multiphysics, provides engineers and analysts with unique capabilities to analyze piezoelectric systems, such as sensors and actuators, ultrasonic motors and accelerometers. With OOFELIE::Multiphysics, you are getting at the core of the physics in one conveniently integrated simulation package.

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Electro Technics Design

OOFELIE::ElectroTechnics, integrates ElectroMagnetics, ElectroStatics & ElectroKinetics capabilities but its functionalities go far beyond pure EM through its strong coupling with all other multiphysics simulation fields such as thermo-mechanics and vibro-acoustics so you can analyze many systems such as uch as sensors, motors, EMC, cabling, microwave, induction heating but also Electromagnetic actuators, active loudspeakers, current breakers with mechanisms etc...

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Oofelie::MEMS 的多物理场分析为您提供独特的分析微机电系统行为的能力。它结合了Oofelie Multiphysics 2010 中大部分强大的解算器,并且使用多种方法快速高效地实现您的微机电系统模拟。
使用Oofelie::MEMS :您方便地在集成模拟套装中得到微机电系统的核心物理现象。

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Vibroacoustic Design

OOFELIE::Vibroacoustic provides you with unique capabilities to analyze vibro-acoustic phenomena for applications going from large scale sonar to the latest surround sound equipment based on piezo-electrics. With OOFELIE::vibroacoustic, you are getting the core of the physics in one conveniently integrated simulation package.

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