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Aerostatic bearing

This example models a jet acting on a bearing. This jet creates a thin layer of air between the bearing and the support. The force acting on the bearing permits to compensate the gravity force.
The figure represents the jet with arrows indicating the direction of the flow. It can be seen that a vortex is created between the bearing and the support. Particles Tracking (coming from the jet) has been used to visualise this vortex.
This application has been solved with OOFELIE coupled with FINE™/Hexa.

Compressible flow in a duct with a moving part

This example models a 3D duct whose upper part has can oscillate. The fluid flow is supposed compressible. The Von Mises constraints are represented on the structure and the velocity field is plotted in the fluid domain.
This application has been solved with OOFELIE coupled with FINE™/Hexa.

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Optical Devices

Industrial multiphysics design for optical devices


A growing number of high precision optical systems has to perform in harsh conditions. For example, the space and medical industries raise the standards for the design of optical devices that need high dimensional stability, increased accuracy and predictable performances.

That is why in these markets it is often necessary to combine real-life tests with Multiphysics CAE. But a preliminary experimental validation of the numerical solution is mandatory to ensure the very high precision level required for optical applications.

This integrated opto-thermo-mechanic design flow will enable you to speed up the development process and increase the reliability of your devices at a reduced cost.

This seminar was given by Open Engineering , AMOS and CSL on April 26th 2012

Position Control of a Segment of the E-ELT

The application shows how to use a multiphysics software solution to perform integrated simulation of multiphysics controlled systems. In this particular case a control loop is implemented with 12 sensors to drive the position of 3 piezoelectric actuators.

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MEMS devices



如果您想对半导体元件进行结构-热-流体-电-光等场的耦合模拟,您需要把CADENCE virtuoso, Tanner EDA,和EEsof ADS等电子自动化工具相结合使用,因为这样就允许同时模拟电子元件中的所有部件。

The Microsystem design flow: From Layout to Packaging


MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) conquer our daily lives. They are everywhere: in our cars, at the doctor's office as well as in the plane that takes us to our vacation. But today it lacks an effective response to the demand for reliability of the different actors. In this lecture we will show you how a complete and systematic design flow for MEMS based systems will yield higher quality MEMS based microsystems that are able to operate in harsh environments (temperature, vibration, humidity, corrosion, high voltage ...) while being more power efficient, autonomous and reliable than the classic components they are replacing.

The Seminar was given by Open Engineering, TAIPRO Engineering and SoftMEMS

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Fluids devices

Thermo-dynamic flow inside a duct

This application illustrates the 2D transport of the temperature in a duct with a cylinder placed in its middle. The fluid flow has been computed at a first time. Then the transport of the temperature has been computed (a different value of the temperature has been imposed at the inlet and on the walls). The diffusion of the temperature in the cylinder has also been computed with equality of the values at the interfaces.

Inviscid flow around a car

This example illustrates a simple incompressible inviscid flow around a car (fluid can go above and under the car), modelled with a simplified geometry. A mesh made of only tetrahedrons has been used. Streamlines of the flow are represented on the following figure.

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Electromechanical devices



Electromagnetic actuation (Magnetodynamics)

This last application is the simulation of the electromagnetic actuation of a very small conductor pipe with ellipsoidal cross-section. This kind of actuation allows for example to control a fluid flow passing through the pipe by sequencing the different coils placed along the wall.

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Export to EDA

Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques can be applied to many fields of activities.

This feature is intensively used in the microsystems (MEMS) component design procedure. Indeed, simulations at circuit level require accurate compact models of the MEMS components, also called behavioural models or reduced order models (ROM), to be generated from 3D expensive numerical model. These reduced models are written in HDL (Hardware Definition Language) and inserted, in a schematic form, is specific microelectronic simulators.

OOFELIE::Multiphysics comes with capabilities to generate reduced order model from full 3D numerical simulation and export them in VHDL-AMS or Verilog-A format for co-simulation in EDA simulators (TANNER, Synopsys, Mentor)

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VibroAcoustics devices

Coupled eigenmodes extraction of a water-filled tank

The coupled eigen modes of a water filled tank are extracted using OOFELIE::VibroAcoustics package. In this case, even if we are not interested in acoustic field inside the cavity, we have to take it into account since it has a strong impact on the behaviour of the global system. In this example, the mesh mapping algorithm was used since the acoustic and structural mesh are incompatible.

Acoustic radiation prediction of engine

An example of acoustic radiation problem using the mesh mapping capability is showed here. We have the structural CAD model (simplified real model, for confidentiality reasons, presented on Figure « Engine CAD model ») and an acoustic CAD model.

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Piezoelectric devices




Onera制造了对正交加速很敏感的单片石英传感器。这一感念通过解耦系统解耦,从而有效地与外部振动梁相分离。 它允许最大化振动品质因数,这也是频率稳定所需要的。



欲了解更多,请参考 Onera网页 (法语)

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PiezoVibroAcoustics devices

Piezoelectric loudspeaker

Combining the piezoelctric and vibroacoustics capabilities of Oofelie enables studying the behaviour of loudspeakers systems where the vibrating membrane is actuated using piezoelectric strips.

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