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OOFELIE::Multiphysics Chinese webinar 2014

OOFELIE::Multiphysics Chinese Webinar

CnTech, OOFELIE::Multiphysics software distributor in China, has scheduled a webinar on October 14, 2014.

During this seminar, introduction and demonstration of OOFELIE::Multiphyiscs feature will be performed.

If you are intersted in joining this session, please follow the instructions provided on http://webinar.cntech.com.cn/201410/oofelie_emcube.html

About Open Engineering

Open Engineering s.a. is a company active in the Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) market. Open Engineering is a worldwide provider of Multiphysics CAE software and consulting services. Open Engineering designs, develops, and sells the OOFELIE::Multiphysics software. OOFELIE::Multiphysics is used by our customers to conceptualize, design, analyse, and optimize various types of systems before starting to time-consuming and costly build-and-test cycles.